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Dear Barton Community,

I want to take this opportunity to thank all of you who contribute to the positivity of our school community each and every week and for your support and patience as we navigate these new and uncertain times. Though I cannot thank each of you individually, I wish to assure you that your efforts do not go unnoticed. 

We respect that there has been a lot of late-night communication which, unfortunately, is the nature of the reporting process for a positive COVID case. We understand that late night notifications can be problematic for working families and are appreciative of our families for their understanding and for following the guidance provided by the Department of Education (DET) and Department of Health (DHS).

We have DET guidelines that we are required to follow when we receive notification of a positive COVID case. Our OH&S team meet weekly to assess our current situation and future events are being monitored according to the current COVID cases and Operation Guidelines. Our school is following public health advice and DET COVID operations guidance. For current information please refer to the updates on our website as we work together during the COVID -19 Pandemic.

I would lastly, like to thank our wonderful Administration team led by Lauren and Business Managers Sophie and Kirby who work closely with the OH&S team led by Matthew Moore. The team have put in an extraordinary effort and many hours to ensure our school remains open. The reason we have had one day closures so far, is due to the effort this team has put in.

Again, we thank our Barton Community for their ongoing support this year.


Kind Regards,

Roma McKinnon

COVID-19 Updates – Isolating Students

COVID-19 Updates – Additional Learning 

IT User Guides for Webex, Seesaw, Microsoft Teams and Clickview


Please find below a collection of our Policies. Parents are also advised to visit The Department of Education & Training (DET) website to view DET Policies under which our school operates. All of our policies are drafted by our Education Sub Committee and approved by our School Council. Apart from the below Policies, the following are currently drafted and are awaiting School Council endorsement;

  • Equal Opportunity and Anti -Discrimination Policy


Child Safe Standards

To create and maintain a child safe organisation, an entity to which the standards apply must have:

Standard 1: Strategies to embed an organisational culture of child safety, including through effective leadership arrangements
Standard 2: A child safe policy or statement of commitment to child safety
Standard 3: A code of conduct that establishes clear expectations for appropriate behaviour with children
Standard 4: Screening, supervision, training and other human resources practices that reduce the risk of child abuse by new and existing personnel
Standard 5: Processes for responding to and reporting suspected child abuse
Standard 6: Strategies to identify and reduce or remove risks of child abuse
Standard 7: Strategies to promote the participation and empowerment of children

Barton Primary School will implement the Child Safe Standards to ensure the safety and wellbeing of all students at the school and promote an organisational culture that manages the risk of child abuse and neglect.

Our School has developed policies and procedures that aim to keep children safe. The standards will provide a framework to identify gaps and improve policy and practices specific to child safety.


Term Dates

2021 Term Dates
Term 1

Thursday 28th January – Term 1 commences (students 1-6)

Monday 8th February –  Term 1 commences (Preps)

Monday 8th March – Labour Day 

Thursday 1st April – Term 1 concludes

 Term 2

Monday 19th April – Term 2 commences

Tuesday 1st June – Curriculum Day

Monday 14th June – Queen’s Birthday 

Friday 25th June  – Term 2 concludes

Term 3

Monday 12th July – Term 3 commences

Friday 17th September – Curriculum Day

Friday 17th September – Term 3 concludes

 Term 4

Monday 4th October – Term 4 commences

Monday 1st November – Curriculum Day

Tuesday 2nd November – Melbourne Cup Day

Friday 3rd December – Curriculum Day

Friday 17th December – Term 4 concludes – 1:30pm dismissal 


*No students to attend school on days marked red

*All students are dismissed from class at 2:30pm every Wednesday

2022 Term Dates
Term 1

Friday 28th January – Curriculum Day

Monday 31th January – Term 1 commences (students 1-6)

Monday 14th March – Labour Day 

Friday 8th April – Term 1 concludes

 Term 2

Tuesday 26th April – Term 2 commences

Monday 13th June – Queen’s Birthday 

Tuesday 24th June  – Term 2 concludes

Term 3

Monday 11th July – Term 3 commences

Friday 16th September – Term 3 concludes

 Term 4
Monday 3rd October – Term 4 commences

Tuesday 1nd November – Melbourne Cup Day

Tueday 20th December – Term 4 concludes


*No students to attend school on days marked red

*All students are dismissed from class at 2:30pm every Wednesday


Harmony Day 2021

Harmony Day 2021

What a fantastic Harmony Day we had this year. It was great to see so many of our students embracing their culture. Many of our students dressed up in their cultural dress or in orange (the colour of harmony). It was also wonderful to see the many foods of our many...

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Grade 5 Stringybark Lodge Camp

Grade 5 Stringybark Lodge Camp

On Tuesday afternoon I paid a visit to our campers at the Stringybark Lodge. The students were all very excited to tell me about the activities they had been up to during their time at camp including archery, low ropes, bush hut building and the flying fox. I was able to see them in action in a raft building activity which aprt from helping them develop their team building and leadership skills was a lot of messy fun. Plenty of mud and water.

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Open Mornings Term 1 2020

Open Mornings Term 1 2020

This week we held our first Open Days for 2020. Parents were invited into their child's classroom on a designated day to observe their learning. It was fantastic to see so many parents attend—thank you to all of our parents and friends for arranging your work...

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Prep Day 1  2020

Prep Day 1 2020

The 4th of February was the first day of school for our 2020 Prep students. We welcome them to the Barton Community and look forward to watching them grow and flourish.

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Rookeepers Incursion

Rookeepers Incursion

Rookeepers came to visit us on Tuesday to tell us all about Australian animals. The incursion had all the students captivated with Australia’s diverse range of animals, such as snakes, lizards, koala, wallaby and possum glider.   [gallery...

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Camp Rumbug

Camp Rumbug

The children in Grade 4 had an opportunity to attend a three day camp to Camp Rumbug in Foster. It was an excellently organised camp and a tremendously exciting adventure for all of the students who attended. I received excellent feedback from the camp staff regarding...

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The Uniform Policy at Barton Primary School supports the school curriculum. Barton Primary School Council has established a dress code for its students following the DET Guidelines.

The Student Dress Code sets out Barton Primary School, School Council expectations with regard to student appearance and applies during school hours and when students are engaged in school activities out of school hours.

All items purchased at PSW conform to the school’s Student Dress Code and offer parents peace of mind in regards to Student Dress Code compliance. Items may be purchased at other outlets but must conform to the standards detailed below.

*Items can be purchase online or at the PSW store.

Please see link below to the PSW uniform list and pricing.

Sentral – Parent Portal

What is Sentral?

SENTRAL is a web – based software that is used at Barton PS as a means of managing school administration, student data and parent teacher communication. As a parents, Sentral allows you to communicate with the school easily and efficiently, by staying in touch with their achievements, educational development and day to day activities such as events and notices.

In the Parent Portal you can do a range of activities including:

  • Log student absences
  • Find links to online programs eg Mathletics
  • Send and receive messages from the teacher
  • Find out information about upcoming events
  • Access notes that have been sent home or emailed
  • Access Student Reports and Ongoing Reporting


How to access Sentral?

A Sentral account may be registered on your behalf by a member of the Administration team. In this case you will receive and envelope containing your access details and accompanying instruction that outline how to navigate the Parent Portal.

If you require further support or assistance with Sentral – Parent Portal please check out the instructional videos on the Portal or send an email to our school email address:

To log in using your password:


IMPORTANT- If you have forgotten this username and password you will need to call Administration Ph. 8766 4000 and we will issue you new log in details.

Cyber Safety

Barton Primary School actively supports access by students to the widest variety of information resources available, accompanied by the development of the skills necessary to filter, analyse, interpret and evaluate information encountered.

The internet provides students with unprecedented opportunities to obtain information, engage in discussion, and liaise with individuals, organisation and groups world-wide so as to increase skills, knowledge and abilities.

Barton Primary School aims to protect students from inappropriate content, cyberbullying and other risks. eduSTAR.ISP is a filtered centralised internet service employed at Barton. This permits us to allow or block a website at the school level.

For Parents:

There are a range of resources for parents seeking more information on cyber safety. These include eSafe a Federal Government cyber safety program helping schools improve cyber safety and deal with cyberbullying. It is important that parents understand the kind of digital technologies young people enjoy, the challenges and risks these might bring and some guidelines to help encourage cyber safety. Below are some helpful links to promote the safe and respectful use of the internet in our school community and to provide tips for parents.

Helpful links:


Growing Up Digital – parent presentation (PPT – 6.3Mb)

Slide 8 includes ‘Go Figure’ – a short video full of facts and figures about online safety. For more information, see:  Go Figure – Family Online Safety Institute


The Camps, Sports and Excursions Fund (CSEF) provides payments for eligible students to attend camps, sports, excursions and incursions.

CSEF applications for 2021 open from term one 2021. Parents or legal guardians who are eligible are required to submit a CSEF application form to their child’s school.


To be eligible for the fund, a parent or legal guardian of a student attending a registered Government primary school must:

  • Be a holder of one of the following; a Veterans Affairs Gold Card, Centrelink Health Care Card (HCC) or Pensioner Concession Card (PCC)
Please see link below for CSEF form
Click below for more information regarding eligibility and CSEF payments.

Parent Payment Charges 2021

Barton Primary School is looking forward to another great year of teaching and learning and would like to advise you of Barton Primary School’s parent payment arrangements for 2021.

Barton Primary School makes every effort to keep the cost of items and activities to a minimum and affordable for all parents.

Due to the significant remote learning undertaken by students in 2020, and the hardships COVID-19 has created with many families in our school community, the school has taken in to account all unused requisites from the current year and reduced Parent Payments for 2021.


Financial Support for Families

Barton Primary School understands that some families may experience financial difficulty and offers a range of support options, including:

  • the Camps, Sports and Excursions Fund
  • State Schools Relief

For a confidential discussion about accessing these services, or if you would like to discuss alternative payment arrangements, contact:

Andrew Felsinger
Ph: 03 8766 4000 | Email:


Payment Methods

Thank you for your support through the payment of the 2021 parent contributions. If you have any queries please do not hesitate in contacting the school.

All parent payments and contributions can be made by:

  • EFTPOS at the school office
  • Credit Card (Visa/Mastercard only) at the school office
  • BPAY

Essential Student Learning Items

Please find the itemised list of Essential Student Learning Items for your child. We have put much effort into sourcing the best pricing for our families. If you have any questions regarding any of these items or costs, please contact Principal, Andrew Felsinger.

Voluntary Contributions

Barton Primary School continues to welcome your voluntary contributions to support our school. Parents are invited to donate to our Library Fund. We have a great learning environment for our students and resourcing the library is a huge expense. Your child will not be disadvantaged if you do not make a voluntary contribution. All records of voluntary contributions are kept confidential as well as your decision about whether to make a contribution or not.


Essential Student Learning Items Prep Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 Year 5 Year 6
Stationery Pack $51.00 $51.00 $57.00 $49.00 $47.00 $48.00 $48.00
Consumables (Art & Science) $20.00 $20.00 $20.00 $20.00 $20.00 $20.00 $20.00
Online Subscription Fees $22.00 $22.00 $22.00 $22.00 $22.00 $22.00 $22.00
TOTAL $93.00* $93.00* $99.00* $91.00* $89.00* $90.00* $90.00*

*Headphones, Book box & Library Book Bag are required for students new to Barton Primary School ($24.00)


Yours sincerely,


Andrew Felsinger