Victorian Curriculum

At Barton Primary School we follow the Victorian Curriculum. For more information regarding the Victorian Curriculum please to to the VCAA website.

Student Learning At Our School

At Barton Primary School we have a culture of high expectation where all students will be provided with the opportunity to succeed. We focus on the growth of each individual student. Through our Professional Learning Teams, teachers analyse student achievement data and create learning tasks based on the student’s point of need and next steps in learning. We have a variety of programs in place across the school to support student learning. At the core of all we do is the Victorian Curriculum, which assists in guiding content to be taught and outcomes to be met.

Learning Spaces

At Barton Primary School our adaptable learning spaces have been designed and built with the purpose of promoting student learning. Our staff are constantly challenging each other to plan and implement a wide variety of lessons that best utilise the spaces provided and cater to the individual needs of our students. The facilities include:

Learning Hubs (classrooms) where students and teachers work collaboratively to benefit the individual learner

  • A netball court sized stadium
  • Two outside netball courts
  • A full sized oval
  • Visual Art room
  • Environmental Studies room
  • Performing Arts centre
  • A central plaza designed for student interaction and creative play
  • Playgrounds and sandpit
  • 21st Century Technology in all learning areas

English – Reading and Writing

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School Wide Positive Behaviour Support

What is it? (School Wide Positive Behaviour Support – SWPBS)

A consistent school wide approach to reinforcing and teaching behaviour in a positive and preventative manner. Students are regularly exposed to our expectations: Be Safe, Be a Learner, Be Respectful, Be Successful & Be Responsible. Through our SWPBS program, we explicitly reteach and model these positive behaviours.

Our Team is lead by: Katrina Van Dam

Attach: SWPBS Expectations Poster & Vision & Purpose Statement.

What is it? (Resilience, Rights and Respectful Relationships – RRRR)

Resilience, Rights and Respectful Relationships is a whole school approach towards Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) which aims to tackle family violence through education. It supports school communities in promoting and modelling respect and gender equality. In the classroom, students learn problem-solving skills, to develop empathy, support their own wellbeing and build healthy relationships with others. At Barton, we use age appropriate and evidence based materials from the Department of Education to develop students social and emotional capabilities to promote positive, health and respectful relationships.

Our Team is lead by: Rachel Ivin

Learning Intervention Coordinator 

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Environmental Education

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