What a fantastic school event. It was really great to see so many parents, friends and family attend our first Bookweek parade. All of the teachers and staff got into the spirit of the event and dressed up as well. The Admin team dressed up as characters from the Barton Fairytale! I really appreciate the work that all of the families put into getting a costume organised. It really made the parade a colourful spectacle. In addition I really appreciate everyone’s generosity with their book donations. We received well over 350 books from the event which many have already been catalogued and on the shelves for students to borrow. Our Library is starting to look like a Library now! The selection of books by most parents was spot on. They were age appropriate and were the type of books that our students love to read. I hope this started plenty of discussion about books at home because that is the whole point of Bookweek. To celebrate books!